Mind fitness training for employee focus, mental clarity, and peak performance.


What is the Aikens Approach?

The Aikens Approach is a corporate training and healthcare service founded on the principals of mindful awareness. Our programs address critical workplace problems that reduce employee productivity, such as low employee engagement and high occupational stress.

Our clinically validated programs help employees cultivate mindful awareness and mental fitness through focusing techniques, applied learning and class instruction. We also help employees build performance-specific skill sets, such as mindful communication, successful handling of stressful situations and presentation preparedness. In addition, our programs seek to improve cognitive performance, or mental capacities such as problem solving, attention, working memory, goal orientation and creative thinking.

Our programs have been clinically demonstrated to improve employee resiliency, vigor, work engagement and mindfulness, while decreasing levels of perceived stress. Learn more here.

What makes the Aikens Approach different?

The Aikens Approach programs provide some of the most robust, interactive and personalized resources available in current mindfulness training. Registered employees not only have access to our live 8-week long courses delivered via webinar, but also to our full applied training center which includes: individualized progress tracking and coaching, 8+ hours of experiential exercises, our workbook, videos, a text message motivational system, a social networking board, an integrative medicine library, lifestyle tools and more.

What is Mindfulness?

Please visit our Mindfulness in Medicine page for a full description

What’s the difference between the Aikens Approach and an in-person mindfulness workshop like MBSR?

An in-person mindfulness workshop will run eight weeks and require about 45 minutes of daily practice with two hours of weekly class meetings. These workshops will give participants a very thorough training in general mindfulness or MBSR. The Aikens Approach to mindfulness is tailored specifically to the needs of corporations, and all our course materials can be accessed online. Our practices and tools are meant to be used in the business environment and are based on improving employee work engagement, resiliency and leadership skills, while decreasing occupational stress. Our program is also significantly less time intensive.

How do you measure your results?

Our results come from two different sets of employee assessments:

Registered employees are required to take a baseline assessment before they begin our online curriculum, and then once again after program completion. The assessment is based on five well-validated clinical scales. These scales measure: changes in employee perceived stress, work engagement, vigor (physical and mental healthiness), resilience (adaptability to change, ability to bounce back from difficult situations, ability to use an action oriented approach to problem solving), burnout and depression (if present).

During our program, employees take weekly progress tracking surveys and receive personalized feedback. These surveys track two things: key concept comprehension and healthy living habits. Through these surveys, employees can track changes and improvements in fitness, diet, stress, sleep and mindful awareness.