Mind fitness training for employee focus, mental clarity, and peak performance.

Our Programs

All of our programs can be tailored to meet the demands and time constraints of your corporation. Our general offerings are as follows:

Leadership Training

Our leadership program focuses on building Mindful Leaders. It explores how mindfulness can lead to the development of resonant leadership, while increasing adaptive confidence and the ability to manage and lead organizational change.

  • Two day offsite Foundations Retreat
  • Unlimited 1:1 coaching for 6 months following retreat
  • Access to self-directed 8 week online applied training course
  • Year-long access to online applied training resources

Employee Training

Our employee training is our core engagement and mindfulness-training program. Over the course of eight weeks, employees learn a series of progressively difficult focusing techniques in order to better understand the nature of their thought patterns and emotional responses, particularly in challenging situations. The program teaches tools which have been shown to improve health and work performance measures, while enhancing life satisfaction.

  • 8 hours of certified, instructor-lead training via webinar
  • Self-directed 8 week online applied training course
  • Year-long access to online applied training resources

Online Applied Training

Our online applied training is a robust collection of interactive, multi-media resources that are available to all participants registered for our programs.

  • Personal mind/body wellness portal specific to member
  • Access to Aikens Approach experiential curriculum
  • 8 hours of Aikens Approach audio exercises
  • Electronic workbook
  • Webinar scheduling dashboard
  • Lifestyle tracker with personalized electronic coaching
  • Text message motivational system
  • Integrative Medicine library and lifestyle tools
  • Social networking board with mindfulness status updates, blogs, videos, testimonials and more
  • Use of all web-based materials valid for one year from purchase

Please contact us for more program delivery options