Mind fitness training for employee focus, mental clarity, and peak performance.

Our Approach

The Aikens Approach is a corporate training and healthcare service founded on the principals of mindful awareness. Our programs address critical workplace problems that reduce employee productivity, such as low employee engagement and high occupational stress.

Our clinically validated programs help employees cultivate mindful awareness and mental fitness through focusing techniques, applied learning and class instruction. We also help employees build performance-specific skill sets, such as mindful communication, successful handling of stressful situations and presentation preparedness. In addition, our programs seek to improve cognitive performance, or mental capacities such as problem solving, attention, working memory, goal orientation and creative thinking.

Our programs are built on the following core elements:

Mental Fitness and Focusing Techniques

A series of increasingly challenging focusing techniques, which give participants a better understanding of their ruminative thought patterns and emotions, particularly those specific to difficult or stressful situations.

Development of “Mindful Awareness”

Our participants learn to bring complete attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, without judgment. This results in improved observational skills as well as enhanced objectivity, creative thinking, and the ability to work with, and adapt to changing workplace environments.

Performance Specific Skill Sets

Our program focuses on performance-oriented skills such as mindful communication, successful handling of stressful situations, presentation preparedness, stress-free driving, breath focus and working memory development.